Actress Luchy Donalds is left speechless when her partner uses an iPhone to apologize to her.

Luchy Donalds, a Nollywood actress, was left dumbfounded as her partner apologized to her and gave her gifts including an iPhone, a bouquet of flowers, a credit alert, and more.


The actress, who was taken aback by her lover’s kind gesture toward her, posted pictures of the presents on social media.


She said that her boyfriend had planned to deliver her a surprise apology with one of her closest friends. He had given her a number of gifts, including a bouquet of flowers, a note of apologies, an iPhone, and credit alert.


Luchy Donalds expressed her gratitude for him in her Instagram story after seeing him.


Additionally, my boyfriend and my buddy @som tizzle_ Girl arranged this unexpected apologies! My faceee wasn’t ready for me to see.


And thanks for the watchful infant…


Fam I will not post it. I don’t have the strength to help certain folks, wahala.


Luchy said, “I accept o,” after accepting his apologies.

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