Actor Kunle Remi on how he almost ended everything in 2017.

The tragic death of DJ Twitch, who committed himself despite often seeming joyful, has prompted a response from actor Kunle Remi.


According to Kemi Fiolani, Stephen, who served as the show’s official DJ, passed away on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, in a hotel in the Encino neighborhood of Los Angeles.


Twitch battled depression, according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner, and ultimately committed himself.


Kunle Remi said that he too suffered from depression while grieving the departed.


In a brief video clip posted on Instagram, Kunle Remi remarked, “Speaking as males, we go through a lot. We never truly look good as we are.


2017 was difficult for me; I felt overwhelmed, went through a lot of growth, and had a lot of ideas. At one point, I couldn’t handle it and considered killing myself.


God’s grace was necessary for us to succeed.


Life is lovely, but we constantly need to pick a balance between happy and melancholy, let’s do better. I used to bottle up my emotions, but now I know how to let them out and speak to someone. Remi Kunle gave advice.

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