Actor Alebiosu Cautions Performers Against Taking On Babalawo Characters.

Adewale Alebiosu, a well-known Babalawo or Ife priest figure in Yoruba films, has cautioned performers against taking on such roles.


He said that performing some incantations had negative repercussions on him in his actual life.


In an interview with BBB Yoruba, Alebiosu said that he was only carrying out his role as an actor and had no idea that the spells he was reciting may one day come back to harm him.


According to the movie star, many performers are unaware that incantations have secret abilities.


Alebiosu also discussed how role stereotyping led viewers to believe that he was interested in voodoo and spiritism in addition to performing.


“Many people mistake me for a local doctor. That is not the situation. Both my father and I have never practiced medicine in our own country. I enjoyed incantations when I initially began acting, something I acquired from Taiwo Balogun, the actor said.


“After I left him, I met with Fatai Adetayo Oodua, one of my superiors. I began utilizing incantations at that point. People began to wonder why I was only granted parts as local doctors because of the work that filmmakers had done in this area.


People’s impressions of me as a nasty guy were molded by my behavior. I’m not really a threat. Both of my parents are Muslims.


Alebiosu described how he became a Christian and how he went into a trance while playing the drums during a church service.


I was raised a Muslim up to the day a church held a harvest service without a drummer, he said.


“The crowd identified me as a theater and drum enthusiast. They began singing, and as I was pounding, my head started to swell. I was unaware of my fall to the ground and subsequent spreading.

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